We live in a reactionary world! Often the thing to do is wait until something happens before we act on it! We are so busy right? We don’t have time to be proactive correct? I think not! How many of you have known there was a problem with your car and put off fixing it until it was too late or that problem caused bigger ones? We tend to treat our bodies the same way! Minor little problems can lead to bigger ones when ignored! Latency, complacency and poor nutrition are other “problems” we know exist in our lives and keep meaning to get to them soon. I am here to tell you tomorrow never comes!

I watched a medical themed program a while ago and they used the phrase: “the burden of knowledge”. This referred to the medical profession, they knew how quickly health can go south. Our mobility, motion, cognition and overall health can be hampered very quickly causing us to react and rebuild. Sometimes we can’t get back to the place we were in health and have regrets! Sometimes we can’t get back at all!

Here is my Plea:

—— Celebrate your health, motion, mind and spirit now! Get out and move your bodies, choose healthier activities, foods, and hobbies. I guarantee you will liver longer, healthier lives!

I just finished a run on Saturday and a gentlemen approached me having just read an article about me in a local paper. He was asking questions on the benefits I noticed from my Journey. I listed the obvious first then went into how my patience, tolerances and mood had been drastically enhanced. He was surprised and amazed at the different areas of my life that had greatly improved! I was too when it happened! I wasn’t expecting those changes! I am telling this to tell you that a great wealth of improvements await your decision to enhance your life!

A post was shared on Facebook the other day that said it is false to say “You only live once” – “You only Die once, you Live everyday”! – Go out and Live! Celebrate the motion you have and the motion you can gain!

Please don’t wait till it’s too late!!