Did you ever do the “Greased Watermelon” game at camp when you were a kid? If not, “A Greased Pig”? Well, if you missed out on this game let me enlighten you. Crisco was slathered all over the melon (or pig). The melon (not the pig) was tossed off a dock into a lake. Teams were established. The teams would battle over who could carry the watermelon to shore and claim victory. Obviously the pig version was in a pen with lots of mud!

Time reminds me of that watermelon! Very hard to grab and hold on to! How fast has our summer gone? It’s August! Wow, I get so busy trying to fill up my days that time shoots by like that melon through my hands! This is just a quick blog to remind us all how precious time is! How we use our time is in our own hands! It all boils down to choices we make!

I have a funny story: I now am a Certified Personal Trainer. I have been taking more clients and helping them to begin, renew, or continue a Journey to health and fitness! One of my many “sermons” (thanks to my preacher father) is about grabbing time and making the choice to change your life! I was explaining this to a new client. I said: “Tomorrow never comes, right now is a new minute that we have never seen before, let’s grab it and seize the opportunity to change your path and get healthy and fit”. After some more conversation the new client said: “I really like the concept of the new minute, I am going to do that tomorrow!” I tried not to laugh out loud at the contradiction! We can have the best laid plans for tomorrow and find ways to make them never come!

So, even though time is “greasy” let’s take just a bit of it and prioritize our lives, change what needs changing, tell those we love that we DO love them very much and show our children how to live healthy, fit and well lives!