I have mentioned to many of you about the “Side Effects” of my Journey. I mean that in a good way. Side Effects has a negative connotation in pharmaceuticals but not here.
When I decided to embark on this Journey I planned to lose weight, get healthier, fitter and stronger. The Side Effect of those plans are Amazing!
Working with the dedicated folks at Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation I have crossed paths with so many wonderful people! This is where the “Story of Adam” begins. He interned there and we met at various functions that I volunteered for. A friendship developed and I got to see a beautiful human being! His kind heart extend a long way! He is very passionate about all people coming together and uniting for GOOD. I know that sounds a bit cheesy but I didn’t want to limit it to any one thing just GOOD. We need more GOOD in the world! I am telling you KINDNESS can Rule the Earth! Adam is KIND! He is the type of person that makes me want to be Better!
Anyway, I found out that he designs and builds websites. I asked him about mine and he constructively said it could use a whole new design and that he would be more than willing to complete the task. He even drove 4 hours out here round trip to meet with me on my likes, dislikes and desires for flow, traffic and communication.
So, without going on an on Adam launched my new website and did it all out of the GOODNESS of his heart! – I am so blessed! – Thanks Adam!
Please go to my new site and check it out!! – I love it and think you will too!!