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Bigger is NOT Better


We always seem to want the most “bang” for our buck. I am all about saving money and getting the most for my dollar in consumer goods. Unfortunately, Quality and Quantity often get confused in purchasing products. I am especially...


Good Idea! I’ll Do It Tomorrow!

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Have we wasted the last 60 years? Some think we have based on information available to us. In 1955 Bonnie Prudden and Hans Kraus completed a report that came to be known as “The Report That Shocked the President”. The...


Time = A Greased Watermelon!


Did you ever do the “Greased Watermelon” game at camp when you were a kid? If not, “A Greased Pig”? Well, if you missed out on this game let me enlighten you. Crisco was slathered all over the melon (or...