Today I have a mental exercise for ya:
Raise your hands if you have children?
Raise your hands if you have siblings?
Raise your hands if you have parents?
- Did you actually raise your hand? – hehe
Ok, more questions:
Are your children Beautiful?
Is your brother/sister or both Beautiful?
Are your Parents Beautiful?
Everyone answer YES?

Are you Beautiful? – I’ll ask again:
Are you Beautiful?

Did this last answer conflict with the one or ones above? – Why?

If your children, siblings, and or parents are Beautiful SO are you!
It is Science! You share the same “Beautiful” DNA!!
Take a moment when you get near a mirror to day look into it and pat your self on the chest and say “I M Beautiful” – it’s TRUE!
Positive belief in ourselves builds POWER! This is the same power Super Heros use! – Yes we all are Super Heros!! – The trick is believing!!
I am here today to tell you that you are Beautiful!! Now you say it!!
So, let’s all take a quick second out of our day and say “I M B””