I’ve got something “stuck in my craw” as my dad would say! I know I write blogs a bit more about strategies to stay on, step on or continue on our Journeys.

Today is more general and safety oriented!

If you follow this little piece of advice passed down from the experts you will increase your chances of living a much longer healthier life!!

I heard a story about a recent bicycle crash in our little town where a woman went to a bike store to purchase a helmet. The bike shop was closed. She continued on her bike ride planning to get a helmet later. Unfortunately, moments later she mysteriously crashed behind her daughter at low speed. She ended up in a coma for several months. She is currently relearning to use her body properly and hoping to regain full motion.

This story was handed down from several people so, the accuracy may be off?

The point is:

Wear a “LID” (helmet). I ride my bike and run often around a lake by my home that is very bike and run friendly. I see countless people of all ages riding out in traffic, on trails and through parking lots without a helmet! Why?

“It will mess up my hair”
“It makes my head hot”
“It looks funny”

A helmet can save you from severe injury and death! A helmet is a small price to pay to protect our fragile bodies! We only get one body in this lifetime! Let’s keep it Whole as long as we can!

There! My “Craw” is free!

Only hoping the best for all of us!

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